Why Filipino Vapers Won’t Get Lung Illnesses?

Why Filipino Vapers Won’t Get Lung Illnesses?

Vaping has become popular with many people as many smokers shifted from cigarette smoking to using vapes. However, the fact that nicotine is still involved in vaping resulted in the same distrust people had with smoking.

Vaping and smoking are different, and many vapers can also argue that vaping is better than smoking. Vaping has even been used as a tool to help smokers quit smoking since vapes essentially provide the same experience as cigarettes without any of its negative effects. In fact, vapers won’t get lung diseases if they purchase legitimate e-cigarette kits for vaping from legitimate vendors.

Lung Illnesses Linked to Contaminants

Several states in the United States reported the sudden onset of mysterious lung illnesses that were reportedly connected to vaping. Officials narrowed down the cause to contaminants and counterfeit substances thanks to the patients’ distinctive symptoms. Another reason why officials narrowed it down to contaminants is because standard vaping products were already in use for years. The number of lung illnesses only numbered in the hundreds despite people vaping for years.

The Washington Post noted in an article in 2019 that there were 354 possible cases across 29 states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the investigation of these cases started to point to the solvents used in counterfeit and black-market products. The victims reportedly purchased different vaping products from different places. They also used traditional nicotine vaporizers and those that used marijuana.

SciTechDaily’s recent article noted that vaping marijuana is more likely to cause lung diseases than nicotine vaporizers. Many vapers have noted that the article failed to state that the additives in the liquid were the cause, possibly supporting the investigation that contaminants were the cause of EVALI or E-cigarette or Vaping product use-Associated Lung Injury. The Airistech Airis Viva, or vaporizers from other reputable brands, won’t cause EVALI. Using non-nicotine vape products can also have several side effects, including lung and throat irritation, among others, as stated by Medical News Today.

The president of the American Vaping Association, Gregory Coonley, also noted that 10 million adults had used nicotine vaporizers each month without suffering any major issues. He mentioned that the vapes that are more likely to have caused lung damage are amateur-made street vaporizers that contain illegal drugs and THC.

DOH’s First Case of Vaping-Related Illness in the Philippines

The Philippines’ first case of EVALI was a 16-year old girl from Visayas who used e-cigarettes while also using regular cigarettes. The girl was admitted in October 2019.

Because the EVALI case involved a minor, it’s arguably possible that she used a black market vaporizer or a fake vape. Bootleg vaporizers usually contain Vitamin E acetate, which is harmful when inhaled. The acetate’s sticky oil can stick to lung tissue and cause lung illnesses.

Filipino vapers can avoid contracting EVALI by using only vaporizers like a disposable RELX or a Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus kit from a reputable vendor. Purchasing vape devices off the street can put a vaper at risk of contracting lung illnesses.

One way to ensure that the Filipino vaper is safe from EVALI is to wait until they’re 21 years old and look for a reputable seller that asks for age verification before allowing anyone to visit the site. Underaged individuals can only purchase vaporizers easily when they look for them through unofficial resellers and black market sources. Bright Tech Philippines is one seller that Filipinos can trust to provide them with high-quality vaporizers.

Because minors have no access to legitimate vape devices unless given by an adult they know of, both parents and guardians must make sure that any minors under their care won’t shop for vapes from alternative sources.

Vapors are Better on the Lungs

Vaping using a reliable vaporizer like an Allo starter kit Philippines will not lead to lung illnesses, especially since vape is better on the lungs. AvaCare Medical also stated in their blog that vaping is better on the lungs since heat is not involved in vaping. The vapor produced through vaping is cooler than the smoke produced from cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking damages both the airways and the lungs. The hot cigarette smoke causes the cell that produces mucus in the lungs and the airways to multiply and grow in size. The mucus remains and causes the person to cough.

Hot smoke is not suitable for the lungs, making it dangerous for people who inhale it. Inhaling vapor is safer than smoke since it is cool to the lungs. Smoking also makes the lungs age faster and hampers a person’s natural defense mechanism from effectively protecting smokers against infection; vaping has no such effects.

Inhaling Harmful Chemicals Cause Irreversible Lung Damage

Cigarettes have thousands of harmful chemicals in them that cause cancer and damage a person’s DNA. A typical tobacco cigarette contains more than 6,000 chemicals, with most of them being toxic and carcinogenic. First-hand, second-hand, and third-hand smoke inhaled by individuals can cause several adverse effects, including dizziness, nausea, brain damage, stroke, cancer, and ulcer.

The typical vaporizers sold by trustworthy vendors don’t contain harmful chemicals, and the only way that people will be at risk from the chemicals is by purchasing bootleg vapes. Black market vaporizers tend to contain Vitamin E acetate that is harmful to vapers when inhaled. As long as vapers buy their vapes from reputable sellers, they won’t have problems with any harmful chemicals.

First-time vapers can get started by purchasing a disposable vape pen pod Eleaf iStick or a new pod system from Bright Tech Philippines. Doing so ensures that Filipino vapers won’t have to worry about lung diseases and heart attacks as long as they aren’t dual users who smoke cigarettes and vape. Smoking cigarettes and vaping bootleg vaporizers will damage one’s lungs, and steering clear from them will ensure that a vaper’s lungs remain relatively healthy.

You can start vaping now once you buy the e-cigarette starter kit for your needs. Visit brighttech.ph now and purchase the vape that you need.



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