What is a Dry Hit and How to Avoid it?

What is a Dry Hit and How to Avoid it?

Anyone can suffer from dry hits from time to time, and everyone will agree that it is one of the worst experiences anyone will get when vaping. Dry hits occur when the vaporizer’s cotton wick isn’t saturated properly with e-juice or when the vape’s coil is filled with gunk. The coil then burns through either the cotton or the gunk, resulting in a nasty taste or sensation.


Dry hits may only seem like a bother for some people, but they can also be harmful to the vaper and bad for the vaporizer. The smoke from the burning cotton isn’t safe to inhale, and the overheating e-juice breaks down to its individual components and cause illness when inhaled often.

How to Fix Dry Hits?

Eliminating dry hits may not be possible, but there are several ways for vapers to reduce the chances of experiencing them.

Keep the e-Juice Tank Full

The coil head has tiny holes on its sides, and these holes must be submerged in e-liquid at all times. Keeping the holes submerged prevents the wick from burning and causing dry hits.

Most tanks come with a minimum e-juice line. The coil won’t get e-juice to vaporize beyond the minimum level, and it’s essential to refill the tank when the e-juice level goes beyond the line.

Run the Vape at the Right Wattage

If you’ve just refilled your tank and you’re getting dry hits, the first thing you should do is to check your wattage setting. Perhaps you’ll find your wattage is above the recommended range.

If the vaper still experiences dry hits after refilling the tank, there might be problems with the wattage settings. If the wattage is above the recommended range, it’s essential to correct it. Most replacement coils come with the recommended wattage range on either side of the packaging.

The manufacturer specifies the vape’s right wattage to ensure that the vaper gets the correct performance when the coil is installed in the tank. Operating the vaporizer above the recommended wattage can keep the coil from tolerating the amount of e-liquid needed to keep the cotton wick wet by vaporizing the juice faster.

When starting on a new coil, it’s advisable to start on a lower wattage and then make their way up to the specified one.

Change the Vape’s Coil

You can even feel it yourself if you’ve been using the same coil for a more extended period without changing: you might experience a reduction in flavor or change in taste of your e-liquid. If this is the case, then you should consider changing the coil.

Coils eventually burn out, so vapers must constantly replace them. The elements in an e-liquid, like the sucralose sweetener, can build up with time. When various e-liquid elements build up on the coil, the wick’s effectivity in absorbing e-liquid goes down.

When vapers use the same coil for long periods without changing, the e-liquid’s flavor can change since coils burn out.

Prime the Coil

When vaping on a new coil, the first thing that vapers must do is open the tank and prime the coil head. Priming involves soaking the wicking material before installing. Vapers must soak the wick for a few minutes to ensure that it’s completely saturated.

Use the Correct e-Liquid Ratio

The coil’s size and wattage range determine the e-liquid ratio that must be used with the vape. A smaller coil head like those used in small-size vape pens should be used alongside less viscous e-liquids. Using thicker e-juice can lead to improper wicking and result in dry hits.

E-juices with high percentages of vegetable glycerin are thicker, while those with high propylene glycol percentages are thinner. A vape coil that operates at a lower wattage must use liquid with higher percentages of PG.

Unclog the Wicking Material

The vaporizer’s wicking material can get clogged up when regularly using e-juices that are high in sweeteners. It’s essential to periodically rinse the coil to increase their lifespan and keep themselves from experiencing burnt hits, especially when using e-liquids that can clog the wick.

Avoid Chain Vaping

Some people may be tempted to chain vapes like how others binge drink and chain smokes. Whatever the reasons may be, chain vaping is a bad idea.

The e-juice gets overheated when chain vaping, resulting in the liquid thinning quickly and vaporizing too quickly for the coil to saturate before people take their next puff. The next inhale will be a dry hit, and this experience can discourage people from vaping.

It’s essential to draw longer and slower puffs when vaping. Giving the vaporizer some rest between sessions is also essential. Some vapers avoid dry hits by taking timed primer puffs.

Vaping lets smokers experience the sensations they had when smoking, minus the health implications associated with smoking. Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking, as long as vapers can avoid dry hits.

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