Top Vaping Myths

Top Vaping Myths

Smoking is one activity that many people love, thanks to the fact that they can relieve their stress and have an enjoyable experience. Every smoker enjoys the smoke’s distinctive throat hit and the visible reward once they exhale. However, many people are now switching to vaping as they seem a healthier option that can satisfy their cravings.


The growing popularity of e-cigarettes also brought worries as many people believe that vaping is equally or more dangerous than smoking. Such claims may have some sort of merit as there are still some risks with vaping, but not necessarily enough to avoid it since even smoking has risks.

Vaping Causes Lung Disease

There is a widespread belief that vaping causes lung disease. A story by The Washington Post stated that about 200 to 300 mostly teen and young adult e-cigarette users across 22 states developed severe lung disease after vaping. Federal and state officials even urged millions of Americans to stop vaping until doctors determined the lung disease’s cause. Many people then thought that vaping would cause lung disease.

Many Department of Health officials determined that most lung disease cases involved people using cartridges from the black market. A doctor also observed that bootleg vape cartridges are a common connection among the patients they treated. Bootleg vape cartridges tend to contain Vitamin E acetate, which is harmful when inhaled. The acetate’s sticky oil substance can stick to lung tissue, which results in illnesses.

Regular nicotine electronic cigarettes from reputable vape shops don’t contain any Vitamin E acetate. Vapers need only to look around for e-cigarettes kits for vaping from a trustworthy source and not from unlicensed shops.

E-Cigarettes Have Antifreeze

One common belief regarding the liquid used in e-cigarettes is that they contain antifreeze toxic to human beings thanks to its ethylene glycol ingredient. Vape juices contain propylene glycol, not ethylene glycol, a substance recognized by different health organizations as safe for consumption, especially since it is used as a food additive.

Both propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are ingredients for anti-freeze, but e-liquids do not contain ethylene glycol.  Vape juices even use propylene glycol to make the liquid less harmful if it is ever ingested by accident. Vaping may have risks, but it is less harmful than what many people believe.

E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer 

The myth that vaping can cause cancer is tied with the widely believed idea that nicotine causes cancer. Nicotine is commonly linked with cancer because cigarettes are proven to cause cancer. The real reason cigarette smoking causes cancer is that tobacco contains at least 70 carcinogens in it that are introduced to the body when the tobacco is burned.

Minors can Buy E-Cigarettes Easily

Just like how cigarettes aren’t accessible to kids, e-cigarettes aren’t easily accessible to kids. Executive Order No. 106 passed by President Rodrigo Duterte in February 2020 stated that the use, sale, and purchase of vape and cigarette products by persons under 21 years old is prohibited. People aged 20 and below can only get access to vape products if they have irresponsible guardians or if the products are sold illegally.

The myth that anyone can get e-cigarettes is likely because some people irresponsibly store their vaporizers or illegal sellers peddle their devices to anyone. Illegal sales aren’t mainstream and are usually made by illegitimate vendors.

Secondhand Vapor is Harmful

Secondhand smoke is dangerous since tobacco contains hundreds of toxic substances, including 70 carcinogenic ones. Anyone exposed to secondhand smoke can suffer from heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, and kids can suffer from more health issues. Because everyone knows that secondhand smoke is harmful, many people are wary about secondhand vapor.

Secondhand vapor has different properties from secondhand smoke, and one distinct difference is the vapor’s glaring lack of carcinogenic substances. Vapor also dissipates much more quickly than smoke, so there’s less worry about inhaling the vapor.

E-Cigarettes Promote Cigarette Smoking

Many people vape to move away from smoking, but for some reason, some people believe that e-cigarettes promote the use of tobacco products. The myth starts with non-smokers wanting to try vaping and then slowly fixing their gaze on cigarette smoking. However, what has been proven is that many smokers move to vaping since they see it as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.

Anyone who wants to try vaping no longer needs to believe any of the myths mentioned above. New vapers can prepare themselves on how they’ll vape by getting a disposable vape pen pod Eleaf iStick uses salt-based nicotine and has more potent nicotine that is excellent for smokers.

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