Thinking of making the big switch? Here are Top 5 E-Cigarettes Vape For You!

Thinking of making the big switch? Here are Top 5 E-Cigarettes Vape For You!

With Vape being less harmful than the traditional one and contains fewer numbers and lower levels of toxic substances, it became a go-to for smokers who want to reduce their smoking habits.

Filipinos now consider a healthier option in everything they purchase, including vapes or e-cigarettes.

There are tons of options available that perform excellently and are a perfect fit for Filipino taste, so here are the Top 5 E-Cigarettes in the Philippines that you can choose from if you are on the lookout for e-cigarettes that fits your personality!

Uwell Caliburn G

  •  It is considered one of the most popular open pod system on the market today and has been a staple in vaping ever since it was launched.  It might look very similar to the original Caliburn but if you’ll look at it, it’s not even close!  While the original Caliburn was a protypical pod system, G takes replaceable coils which make it an AIO vape device.
  • Caliburn G is a compact and lightweight vape, a tiny bit wider and thicker than its predecessor.
  • The design is more “toned down” yet functional and pleasing to the eye with features like a bronze accent to its firing button to make it clicker and less tacky and the Caliburn button.
  • It also had a removable top cap and silicone membrane anti-leak system.
  • It has 5 colors to choose from! Perfect for everyone,  I suggest you can give this as a gift to someone who’s always on the go yet very particular with the things he owns or purchases.


Vaporesso XROS

  • Vaporesso XROS caters to mouth-to-lung vapers because of its high resistance coil-heads. It also features a great airflow control system and a large battery for long-time use.
  • It also has two refillable pods, USB Type-C charging cable which is perfect for first-time vape users.
  • Vaporesso’s high-capacity battery makes it a go-to vape for Filipinos! It also features manual and automatic battery activation to control your vape usage.
  • Another intriguing feature of Vaporesso XROS is its airflow control system slider. The airflow has three intake slots that allow you to do a loose mouth-to-lung.
  • It’s perfect for a super tight, cigarette-like draw.
  • This is perfect for fresh ex-smokers and casual vapers.

Geekvape Hero

  • Geekvape Hero is ideal for intermediate and advanced vapers. With its 1200mAh battery with a 45W max output, vapers can adjust the power of the device with their ideal vaping qualifications.
  • It also features an adjustable airflow similar to a vape tank for increased versatility.
  • Geekvape Hero can also be used if you opt for an eco-friendly and cost-effective method of vaping because of its removable coil method.
  • Its lightweight box mod construction provides a durable and pocket-friendly design with a leather patch grip for added comfort when in use.


Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

  • Geekvape’s Aegis line is known for its rugged design, high-performance, and indestructible build quality. Their mods can survive rough handling, drops, and water submersion.
  • It has a silicone body, a high-quality leather grip, and a metal frame.
  • Though it is on the larger side of pod vapes, Geekvape Aegis Boost is pocketable and portable.
  • It’s IP-67 water, dust, and corrosion-resistant which makes the vape’s quality on point.
  • If you are looking for a good nicotine salt vape, this is worth picking up!

SMok Nfix

  • Another vape that is perfect for beginners is SMok Nfix. It has a draw-activated, MTL pod vape featuring a 700mAh internal battery, refillable 3mL capacity pods, and adjustable wattage up to 25w.
  • SMox Nfix is simple and easy to use, perfect for no-fuss vaping.
  • It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and extremely perfect for vaping on the go.
  • The flavor and vapor from the 0.08ohm DC MTL pods are spot-on! Nfix’s usual wattage range for these pods is 15-25w but even at 10w, you can get enough flavor and vapor.
  • It also gives a satisfying throat hit!

The growing number of Filipinos switching from traditional cigarettes to vape is has boomed over the past few years, and with this list of e-cigarettes, the switch will be more convenient for you!


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