How to Choose Your First Disposable Vape

How to Choose Your First Disposable Vape

Many people now vape to try and lose their smoking habit by using an alternative that has more benefits than cigarette smoking. People have different options for their first vaporizer, and a disposable vape is excellent for those who are just starting out.


Disposable vapes have many different benefits that new vapers will like, including being easy to use, discreet, and maintenance-free.  Disposable vaporizers come with a fully-charged battery and an attached pod cartridge filled with juice.

Vapers have multiple options when buying a disposable vaporizer, and it can be difficult for first-timers to pick one. People can have a hard time choosing from different disposable vapes because different brands are offering them. Below are some tips on how people can choose their first disposable vape.


Ask How Many Puffs a Vape Can Get

Each disposable vape should be capable of about 200 puffs and upwards. If the vaper will only get 100 hits, the device isn’t likely worth it. Vapers should ask how many puffs they can get on the device they’re interested in before buying it.

Get a Vaporizer with a Large Internal Battery

Many vapers suffered from dry hits when they exhausted the juice in their devices, but some vapers won’t have to worry about this because their vaporizers will become useless without using up all the juice. While it may be good that a vaper won’t suffer from dry hits, it will still be a waste of money to get a device that vapers can’t fully enjoy.

A disposable vape becomes “disposable” once it runs out of battery life or the vaper experiences a dry hit. Vapers must make sure to get a disposable vape with a decent-sized battery. A vaporizer with a large internal battery, at least 320mAh or higher, like a disposable vape pen pod Freecool Ystick, HYPPE Ultra, or Lush Flow, is a good choice for vapers.

Look for a Vaporizer with an Excellent Atomizer

Vapers should consider researching which vaporizer has an excellent atomizer to ensure that they get a high-quality vape. Poor atomizers tend to cut out too often, break easily, and provide inconsistent performance. Most disposable vapes tend to suffer from such problems, so it pays to research first and get an excellent device that can last longer.

Look for the Flavor You Want

Just like any other vaporizer, disposable vapes have different flavors depending on the e-liquid in the cartridge. Vapers must choose a vaporizer with a flavor they like to ensure that they have a great experience.

When selecting a vape and a flavor, people must also consider the vape’s brand since there’s a chance that some brands will have a bad flavor than advertised. Vapers can try a tobacco flavor RELX or a mint-flavored one, among others.

Get a Vaporizer with Excellent MTL Draw

Cigarette smokers who moved to vapes did so because they wanted to avoid cigarettes’ harmful effects while having nearly the same experience. Disposable vapes are excellent for smokers since they’re not only inexpensive and maintenance-free, they also tend to have an excellent mouth to lung draw.

Even if most disposable vaporizers have excellent MTL draw, it can still be hard to look for the perfect device that can provide the exact experience they’re looking for. If research doesn’t help, vapers can test different vaporizers like a disposable vape pen pod Eleaf iStick.

Check out the Price

Disposable vapes are popular since they don’t require maintenance and can simply be thrown away after getting exhausted. Because of this, vapers shouldn’t spend a lot of money on disposable devices. However, the cheapest vaporizers aren’t the perfect solutions since they can’t provide a quality experience due to them being low-quality setups.

It’s essential to be able to get a quality setup that was worth lower than non-disposable vapes. You want to have the best value for your money, so you should look for the most popular devices that many vapers frequent.

Bright Tech offers several affordable disposable vaporizers that smokers and non-smokers can enjoy. Disposable vapes have multiple benefits, including the fact that it’s discreet and people can get away with vaping without anyone knowing due to how small the device is.

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