Guide to Buying Your First Vape Mod

Guide to Buying Your First Vape Mod

Once a vaper’s gotten used to vaping using disposable vaporizers and is looking for a different experience, they can start looking for a vape mod. Vape mods are larger than a typical vape pod kit and produce more vapor than the smaller pod systems.


A vape mod takes its name from a regular vape pen but is modified to have certain advanced features. Mods offer better performance for advanced vapers and also give them room to experiment and customize their devices.

Why Buy Vape Mods?

Vaping through vape mods is one of the most popular ways for people to vape since it has many benefits for advanced vapers. Below are some of them:

Customizability of Vape Mods

A vape mod allows vapers to customize their device using different accessories.


Vapers can vary the tank they’ll use for their device, depending on the mod they choose. A large box mod can use a bigger tank. Box mods are large vaporizers and can benefit from bigger diameter tanks, which means that the coils are suitable for sub-ohm vaping as they’re bigger and designed for it.


Different tanks mean different coils. Getting a vape mod that can output high power means getting a sub-ohm coil and producing large vapor clouds. Getting a slimline mod lets vapers choose a smaller tank with higher resistance coils.

Keeping an eye on coil resistance is also essential when looking for a tank, especially for a squonk mod.


The difference between pens and mods is that vape mods have removable batteries. Vapers can select a battery based on its capacity, amp limit, discharge rate, and battery safety.


Using vape mods allows vapers to tailor their juice to their liking. A cloud chasing mod with sub-ohm coils will benefit from e-liquid with low nicotine strength with high VG or vegetable glycerin content. A smaller mod with high resistance coils will work well with juice that has higher PG or Propylene Glycol content and higher nicotine strength or nicotine salts.

Control Over Vaping Experience

It’s possible to have a level of control over the vaping experience when people use vape mods instead of regular pens. Vapers can adjust the settings on their devices to change their experience.

The settings that vapers can adjust usually include variable wattage, variable voltage, variable temperature, and smart modes.


Vape mods are easily customizable, and vapers can modify their mods as their vaping styles change. First-time vapers who went for mods instead of a disposable nicotine vape pen pod vaporizer can start with high resistance coils, high nicotine strength, and lower wattages to help get over their smoking habits. Once the vaper has adjusted, they can opt to use sub-ohm coils and e-liquid with lower nicotine by switching out their tank and adjusting the power.

Battery Monitoring

Vape mods tend to have a screen that the vapers can use to monitor the battery’s charge. Maintaining the vaporizer becomes easier when vapers can monitor their battery.


Vape mods come in a large variety of styles, and their customizability allows vapers to modify their devices to cater to their own style. Vapers can choose from a box mod, mech mod, squonk mod, or slimline mod.

What Vape Mod to Buy?

Vapers can choose from four different types of vape mods:

Box Mods

Box mods are large vaporizers that come with either a large integrated battery or a removable one. Most box mods have adjustable settings. Vapers tend to use box mods when they want a vaporizer that comes with a large battery capacity. A Geekvape Aegis Hero is a lightweight box mod that comes with a pocket-friendly design.

Mech Mods

Mech mods have no internal electrical parts and function mechanically. These mods are tube-shaped, made from metal, and hold a removable 18650 battery. When the vaper presses a button on the mod, the battery is pushed up and makes an electrical connection. Many vapers use this mod to create huge vapor clouds.

Squonk Mods

Squonk mods aren’t as popular as they were in the past. Squonk mods are a combination of different parts of different vape mods. The mod is a mech mod, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, and an e-cigarette all in one. Vapers who use this mod use dripping as their vaping style without worrying about the maintenance it entails.

Slimline Mods

Slimline mods are small box mods with an integrated battery since they’re too small to have a removable battery. These mods usually have adjustable settings like box mods. Slimline mods are perfect for vapers who don’t want to carry a huge e-cig around but want to have the same experience as using a box mod.


Vapers have a lot of things to consider when selecting a vape mod. The vape mod world is constantly receiving new features, and as long as the vaper knows the basics, they won’t have a hard time choosing one in the future. Vapers can look for a small box mod if they’re still considering portability while getting a vape mod or get a mech mod if they want to chase vapor clouds.

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