How to Start Vaping?

How to Start Vaping?

Vaping became famous when it was thought of as a means to quit smoking and start living healthier. Now, many people decide to try vaping to improve their social image and cut their costs from smoking. Whatever the reason, an inexperienced vaper might have difficulty getting started with their first vaping.


Where Should I Start?

New vapers might find the experience to be more intense as it is significantly different from smoking. The vapor tastes better than cigarette smoke, and it hits the throat uniquely. It’s advisable to start with smaller hits to adjust until the new vaper can get the hang of it. This is especially true for smokers who might get overwhelmed by vaping.

Most e-cigarette kits for vaping gives people the ability to adjust the vapor’s thickness so that the vaper can have a more comfortable experience.

If the new vaper wants to have a trial run without thinking about the vaporizer’s parts, then they can opt for a disposable RELX pod. People can check if they like the experience or not with a disposable pod, allowing them to save money by not needing to maintain their device.

Decide on the Experience You Want

Before getting a kit, it’s essential to consider what you like about smoking and how you can have the same vaping experience. There are different kits available for vapers, and an e cigarette starter kit can help them get the hang of things before they decide to get a more advanced kit.

Some people might want to experience the same satisfaction they have with nicotine, like the punchy hit they had with cigarettes. Some vapers might also like to savor the flavor of the vapor like when they smoked flavored cigarettes.

Regarding the vaping device’s size, the vaper must think whether they want to produce big vapor clouds or be discreet with vaping and if they want to make an impression with a large device or if they want to have something more pocket-friendly.

Picking the first device to get becomes more manageable when people consider what they want to experience first. The Smok Novo 2 is a small and lightweight vape pod with amazing battery life and can kick out the awesome flavor in large clouds.

Pick Your Vape Juice

Buying vape juice can be intimidating for first-time vapers since there are various brands to choose from, and new vapers will have a hard time picking. People can consider the amount of nicotine and the flavor they enjoy to narrow down their choices.

A large vaporizer with a low resistance coil and high power that produces large clouds will pair well with a low-nicotine e-juice since people will inhale a large amount of vapor per use. A vaporizer with a higher resistance coil with low power will benefit from an e juice with higher nicotine content. Most people who use high-powered vaporizers use e juices with nicotine levels of 1.5 mg/ml, 3mg/ml, or 6mg/ml.

People transitioning from smoking to vaping should opt to use e liquid with more nicotine levels to have a satisfying experience similar to cigarette smoking.

Consider the Parts

Every vaper needs two critical spare parts on hand to fix up their devices; however, new vapers who want to try it out first may be reluctant to know about the parts already. Vapers will need to replace their coils and batteries sooner or later, assuming that the kit they’re using allows for battery replacement. The vaporizer needs to have its coil replaced regularly according to the device’s instructions.

The coils wear out over time through regular use, leading to the vapor developing a bitter taste thanks to the constant heating and cooling. The moment that the juice doesn’t taste like it usually does is when people need to get a replacement coil.

If the new vaper doesn’t want the hassle of having spare parts ready when they only want to try vaping out, they can use a disposable vape pen pod Eleaf iStick or a Hyppe Ultra disposable vaporizer. A disposable vaporizer doesn’t need to be maintained, and the vaper can enjoy the experience without worrying about replacement parts. As the new vaper enjoys their first few tries, they can move on to a relx starter kit and then move on to more advanced kits.

Read the Instructions

It’s essential to read the instructions that come with the device first before vaping. Reading the instructions ensures that the vaper will adequately use the vaporizer and have the satisfaction they’re looking for.

Reading the instructions ensures that people can avoid a dry hit when they fill the vaporizer with e juice and immediately vape. It’s easy to ruin the device’s coil when people misuse it.

Get started on vaping now with either our range of disposable vaporizers or our RELX starter kit Philippines. Visit and shop for the device you need.



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