Choosing a New Pod System for Beginners

Choosing a New Pod System for Beginners

Open System Vape Pod

Open system vape pods are manually refilled by the vaper. Once the pod system’s e-juice is exhausted, the vaper can fill it with their favorite juice. Vapers only need to unscrew or unplug the pod’s top and refill it using a dropper, syringe, or by directly pouring the liquid into the pod. Having the freedom to use a vaper’s preferred e-juice allows the vaper to have the flavor and nicotine levels they want for their vaping experience.

The drawback of the open system vape pod is that it can be challenging to switch between e-juices. Regular cartridge and coil replacements are also essential to maintain the device. The regular maintenance may keep vapers from enjoying the experience with this particular system and opt to use either a disposable nicotine vape pen or pod vaporizer or a closed system vape pod.

An open system vape pod is also known to produce a smoother draw and more voluminous vape clouds.

Closed System Vape Pod

A closed system vape pod is different from an open system vape pod in that it doesn’t require maintenance or any part replacements. Refills are also quicker since vapers only need to remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one. Even if a closed system pod doesn’t allow the same level of customizability regarding the e-liquid, vapers can choose from multiple cartridges to choose from with their respective flavors, nicotine strengths, and brands.

Closed system vape pods, however, tend to produce weaker draws. Many vapers switched to using e-cigarette kits for vaping because they wanted to move from smoking while still experiencing the sensation of cigarette smoking. There’s also the instance when the vape pod system will create the occasional “spitback” where the e-liquid doesn’t vaporize but bounces off the coil.

Choosing a Vape Pod

The two vape pod systems have their respective pros and cons that vapers need to consider when buying a vape pod system. When vapers look for a specific vape pod, they can get the SMOK Nord 2 pod since it is an excellent system for pods with replaceable coils, or the Geekvape Aegis Boost which is known to be a durable pod system. Vapers can also get a Uwell Caliburn pod as a JUUL alternative.

Vape pods are excellent for smokers trying out vaping thanks to their smooth draw and large vape clouds, especially when people get the right vape pod for their needs. Get started on vaping now with either our range of vape pods like our Allo pods in Manila. Visit and shop for the device you need.



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