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How to Choose Your First Disposable Vape

Many people now vape to try and lose their smoking habit by using an alternative that has more benefits than cigarette smoking. People have different options for their first vaporizer, and a disposable vape is excellent for those who are just starting out.

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Choosing a New Pod System for Beginners

Many vapers know what they’re looking for when shopping for new pod system. New vapers, however, may have difficulty choosing which vape pod kit to get, thanks to the variety of vaporizers available in the market.

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Dry Hit in Vaping

What is a Dry Hit and How to Avoid it?

Anyone can suffer from dry hits from time to time, and everyone will agree that it is one of the worst experiences anyone will get when vaping. Dry hits occur when the vaporizer’s cotton wick isn’t saturated properly with e-juice or when the vape’s coil is filled with gunk. The coil then burns through either the cotton or the gunk, resulting in a nasty taste or sensation.

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